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When Storytelling Meets Geography

When Storytelling Meets Geography

What do you get when you mix together storytelling and geography?

In this episode, I chat with Brian Alonso, Co-Founder at Built Story.

I have recently come across BuiltStory a new mobile app that’s doing just that: creating self-guided tours where each stop is, in essence, a chapter of a larger story you’re telling about your town or other places you’re visiting. Not only that, but the app also allows you to sell your tours and getting other people to appreciate the stories behind your favorite places. How cool is that?

Some of the questions I asked Brian:

– What was the most emotional moment that got you to start BuiltStory?

- What is BuiltStory’s business model and market coverage?

- How does visual storytelling fit into BuiltStory?


- How do you see brands using tours to create emotional bonds with their audiences?


- How can tour takers see a place through the eyes of tour creators using an image, video, sound, and text?

And much more!

Watch the video recording of this episode:

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