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How to use portrait photography to maximize your first impression?

How to use portrait photography to maximize your first impression?

In this episode, I chat with Kirk Francis, Portrait Photographer, and Artist. We talked about his journey of becoming an expert portrait photographer, his end-to-end process for maximizing first impression, tricks and tips, client examples and much more.

About our guest

It's not about cameras, pixels or film, lenses or photoshop, it's the joy of capturing the human experience. Getting someone to understand they ARE a beautiful human, their message is important and capturing that in a portrait. Creating portraits that help people impact the difference they hope to make in the world is what gives me joy. Kirk's goal is to empower humans with Confidence - Personality - Approachability - and a serious dose of Lookability and help them accomplish the change they want to make!

What you will learn:

  • How does portrait photography relate to visual storytelling?

  • What are the key visual storytelling techniques you could use in his photography?

  • How does the end-to-end process look like for creating a winning portrait photo for your social media profiles?

  • How to measure the success of your portrait photo?

  • And much more

Learn more about our guest on his blog post:


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