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How to use ethnographic research to tell a meaningful brand narrative?

How to use ethnographic research to tell a meaningful brand narrative?

In this episode, I chat with Tory Gentes, an Immersive Ethnographer, and partner at The Palmerston Group. We talked about what is Ethnographic Research, why marketers should adopt ethnography as part of getting to know better their audience - a paramount ingredient for creating a powerful brand narrative, what are the typical business objectives marketers should consider, and the various on and offline tools an ethnographer uses to get the backstories behind the hard data.

About our guest

Tory resides mostly out of her suitcase; however, she has roots in New Hampshire and a strong affinity for living in Colorado. She has a deep love for travel and people, which has helped set the foundation for her journey into qualitative market research as an immersive ethnographer. Tory has been throughout North America, Africa, and Asia collecting ground-level insights from individuals, CEOs, founders, NGOs, and community members that she leverages to solve strategic business questions. With a background in entrepreneurship, leadership, and business, Tory has also managed numerous initiatives for Academic Institutions, NGOs, businesses, and international organizations. She’s found her specialty and expertise at the nexus of culture, human behavior, and marketing. Specializing in immersive research methodologies, Tory has conducted focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographies, ideation sessions, surveys, and workshops. As a partner in The Palmerston Group, she works with big brands to help uncover the unspoken nuances of their consumers and bring them to life (beyond their buying habits). In a world of big data, Tory helps answer the WHY behind human behavior.

What you will learn:

  • what is Ethnographic Research?

  • Why marketers should care about Ethnographic Research when creating an effective brand narrative?

  • What are the typical business objectives marketers should consider?

  • What is the end-to-end process for launching an Ethnographic Research program?

  • What are the misconceptions about Ethnographic Research?

  • What are the most essential tips on how to get started?

  • And much more

Read our episode's blog post on VSI Blog.

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