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How to Translate Your Brand Into a Physical Space?

How to Translate Your Brand Into a Physical Space?

In this episode, I decided to explore one of the fast-growing areas of visual storytelling - offline Branded Environments Design. I am talking about those visual narratives you most likely have seen when you visited a major corporate office. Local artists create them through digital or physical expressions such as paintings and sculptures commissioned by brands to support their unique culture in both customer-facing or corporate offices.

About our guests

That’s why I am excited to have on our show Abbey Melsheimer and Gustavo Tonelli owners of a branded environments design company. 

Abbey is hailing from a small town in Ohio, Abbey studied architectural design in Germany and graphic design in New York - developing an understanding and respect for cultural nuance that took her to large-scale projects in New York, London, Shanghai, and Miami. Her sensibilities for both design and purpose led Abbey to work on a wide array of spaces – from banking behemoths (Chase) to world-leading technology giants (Google) to trendy consumer products (Evian) – on working buildings and installations alike. She worked for industry leading firms such as HLW, MMoser, and MKG before opening her own creative studio in Miami.


And Gustavo is a musician, writer, radio host, photographer, television producer – since an early age Gustavo has been drawn to anything that involved creating something where nothing existed before. With a keen sense of the business aspects of the arts, he promptly found himself across the aisle working for companies such as Time Warner, HBO, and the Cisneros Television Group. Initially involved in the marketing aspects of music releases, he left his native Argentina to move to the US where he works between New York and Miami focusing on both photography and developing new concepts for television and visual arts.


What you will learn:

  • What is Branded Environment Design in the context of Visual Storytelling?

  • What are the typical business objectives as a marketer you should consider?

  • How does the end-to-end process of Branded Environment Design look like?

  • What are the project examples of successful Branded Environment Design?

  • What are the top tips and best practices to consider?

  • And much more

Read our episode's blog post on VSI Blog.

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Visual Storytelling Newsletter
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