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How To Tell Visual Stories Like A Media Company?

How To Tell Visual Stories Like A Media Company?

In this episode, I chat with Stephanie Paterik, an Executive Editor at Adweek. With the growing popularity of content marketing in recent years, we’ve started seeing more and more brands like Marriott, Verizon or Amex that instead of outsourcing their visual storytelling programs, bring them in-house and in essence operate like media companies. With this mind, I had a great time chatting with Stephanie about How to Tell Visual Stories Like A Media Company and this way have her share tips and best practices for you, the marketer who plans to start or revamp your in-house visual storytelling operations. 

What you will learn?

- How do you define Visual Storytelling as a media executive?

- What was your journey starting the Visual Newsroom at Adweek?

- What storytelling tactics do you use to emotionally connect with your audience?

- Can you share 1-2 success stories and how do you measure success?

- Where do you see the future of visual storytelling is headed? Any particular trends marketers should pay attention to?

- What are your top 3 tips for telling visual stories like a media company?

And much more!

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