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How to Tell Stories using Cryptoart?

How to Tell Stories using Cryptoart?

In this episode, I chat with the crypto artist, also known as FractalEncrypt, Founder at I met this fascinating artist at a local networking event in Miami where he along with other speakers shared the wonders of blockchain and in particular cryptoart. Since we typically hear about blockchain in the context of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the fintech space, I decided to cover a new angle. This episode is all about the nascent space of narrative cryptoart that leverages the blockchain to run global transactions of digital art, including early experiments in marketing.


What you will learn:

  • What is blockchain?

  • What is cryptoart in the context of visual storytelling?

  • What is the end-to-end process of creating stories using cryptoart?

  • What are the early marketing applications?

  • And much more

 Learn more about our guest on his blog post:

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