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How to get started with Instagram Storytelling?

How to get started with Instagram Storytelling?

With all the latest talk about Facebook changing their newsfeed’s algorithm and the inevitable comparisons to Instagram (aka maximal vs. minimal design approaches), I’d like to focus our upcoming Visual Storytelling Today show on Instagram and how visual storytellers like you can take advantage.

  About our guest

Julie Cabezas is a co-founder of The Ideal Marketing Agency. Julie (B.S.B.E.) was a key marketing team member in the $1.65B acquisition of a groundbreaking medical device robotics company prior to co-founding IDEAL. With a background in engineering, training, and marketing, she developed the elegant, flexible framework IDEAL uses to teach entrepreneurs and executives to create social brands their customers love. She is the inventor of Social Brand D.N.A. and the Content Creation Formula. Julie has loads of expertise transforming brands into what she calls “Little Black Dress Brands” on Instagram.


What you will learn:

  • What is Instagram Storytelling and why as a marketer you should care?

  • What are the typical business objectives marketers could use Instagram Storytelling for?

  • How does the end-to-end process of creating an effective Instagram Storytelling program look like?

  • Great industry examples and tips to get you started

Read our episode's blog post about this topic on VSI Blog.

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