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How to Connect Better with Your Customers?

How to Connect Better with Your Customers?

Knowing how to connect better with audiences is always one of the top challenges for marketers and business leaders. With this in mind, in this episode, I decided to invite a business leader outside the traditional marketing space to share her story.

  About our guest

That’s why I am excited to have on our show Yasmine Kotb, the owner of Mina Mediterraneo - one of the great success stories in Miami’s cuisine landscape. After receiving a degree from the University of Texas in Journalism, Yasmine began her career in the music industry where she managed various facets of concert production. Working with a plethora of A-list musicians including Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Coldplay and Cher (to name a few), Yasmine spent most of her time on the road where she would stay at the best hotels and dine at the finest restaurants. While traveling the world, Yasmine learned about different cultures and their cuisines. Now a seasoned world traveler and lifestyle connoisseur, Yasmine decided to leave her impressive career in the music industry to embark on a new culinary journey in Miami. Mina’s Mediterraneo, the brainchild of Yasmine Kotb, fuses together her love of Mediterranean food with the memories of her culture growing up as a child.  

What you will learn:

  • What art the secret, yet simple ingredients to connect better with your customers?

  • What are the offline visual storytelling tactics to use to improve customer experience?

  • What are the lessons to start a small business single-handedly?

  • Failure learnings along the way.

Read our episode's blog post on VSI Blog.

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