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How Stories Of Underrepresented Voices Drive Social Impact?

How Stories Of Underrepresented Voices Drive Social Impact?

As the raging pandemic is pulling the rug from under our feet, some voices are less heard than others. To unpack this topic and discuss how stories of underrepresented voices drive social impact, I am excited to have Chris Colbert Founder/CEO, DCP Entertainment. With a passion for connecting audiences with innovative and inspiring content, Chris Colbert founded DCP Entertainment; giving a platform to People of Color, Women, and LGBTQ communities, as well as highlighting stories around mental health, disability, and overcoming adversity.

What you will learn?

– Can you share more about the visual storytelling programs you run at DCP Entertainment?

– Can you share a few success stories and discuss how the visual story was created? From concept to developing the visual storytelling strategy and delivery? Are you after specific emotions? And what was the public response?

– How are you elevating stories of underrepresented communities during the coronavirus pandemic?

– Can you share any failures or obstacles while developing a program and what have you learned from the experience?

– What was the most emotional moment for you and why?

– Based on your experience at DCP, can you share your top 3 tips on how to tell compelling stories (video and podcasting)?

And much more!

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