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How Do Stories Shape Reality?
How Do Stories Shape Reality?

In this podcast episode, I chat with Natalie Kusturic, a Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist, based in Ft Lauderdale, FL to discuss How do Stories Shape Reality? We talked about the incredible parallels between how visual storytellers rewrite stories of their customers to drive product sales and enhance brand narratives, whereas therapists rewrite painful stories their clients tell themselves in order to achieve self-awareness and joy. You'll find a ton of inspiration and fresh perspectives.

What you will learn?

- What is the most common roadblock clients need help rewriting painful stories?

- How does the end-to-end story-rewriting process work?

- What is the visual storytelling strategy to change the story’s meanings or resolution from negative to positive? What are the mental and physical reminders you use?

- In marriage therapy, there are naturally two conflicting stories that create a gap where a negative reality is born. How do you meld distinct stories from “my story” to “our story”?

- Can you share success stories to illustrate your process?

- What are your top 3 tips marketers could take to improve their reality and their customers’?

And much more!

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