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How Brands Can Tell Long-Form Visual Stories?

How Brands Can Tell Long-Form Visual Stories?

In this episode, I chat with Nina Jacobsen, Co-founder, CEO, and Helle Jabiri, Co-founder, CCO of, a brand film platform headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We met on LinkedIn where we realized that we shared the same vision of how visual storytelling can effectively bring to life brand narratives. Nina and Helle are looking to revolutionize branded long-form films and give them the center stage they truly deserve. In this sense, think of Biites as the Netflix for branded visual stories offering high-quality visual storytelling without any ad interruption, and viewed in an optimal cinematic experience.   Some of the questions we discussed:

  • What is our definition of effective visual storytelling?

  • Why Biites believes an increased focus on quality in the distribution of brand films will help increase your engagement time with an audience?

  • How long-form branded entertainment formats are on the rise?

  • Why do we believe that brands have a crucial role to play in the education of society and consumers within their respective industries?

  • What are the various types of visual stories we are featuring on Biites and our curation criteria?

  • How long-form visual stories can drive top and lower funnel impact?

  • We’ll also share 2 examples of successful visual stories

  • What are our top 3 tips for creating compelling long-form visual stories to support a larger brand narrative?

  • And much more!

Watch the video recording of this episode:  

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